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Home Buying Is Easier When You Know Your Remodeling Options

While I am not a professional contractor, I have a good friend who is. He often calls and tells me about his days and I have learned a lot about home renovations and remodeling options just listening to his stories. Knowing my home remodeling options greatly aided the shopping experience when I was ready to purchase my first home. I wanted to live in a location close to my family, and there were limited homes on the market in the area. However, due to knowing what changes could be made to an existing home, I was able to find a good house that I knew I could make great with just a few changes after I bought it. I was recently inspired to create a blog to share what I have learned about home renovations with anyone who would like to read it!

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Copper Or Galvanized Steel: Which Is The Better Metal?

When you pick a roof for your home, you need to look at more than the initial price of your roof. While you can save yourself money by going with asphalt shingles, you will face higher repair and replacement costs down the road. By choosing a metal roof, you will get a highly durable, long-lasting roof that will save you money over the long run. The question of which metal to put on your roof depends on how much you are able to pay initially to get the durability you want.

Copper: Long-Lasting Cover

Copper roofs are some of the most long-lasting roofs out there. A properly installed copper roof can last for hundreds of years. The key to copper is that it will oxidize like other metals, but once the top layer of copper oxidizes, it will create a film that prevents further oxidation. Once the oxidation sets in, your roof will take on a color similar to the Statue of Liberty, but just like the Statue of Liberty, your roof will last for decades without major issues.

If you like the sound of having a virtually maintenance-free, replacement-resistant roof, copper should sound like a good choice, but the problem with a copper roof is that they are quite expensive. Just to cover 1200 square feet of roof, you can end up paying close to $30,000. Thus, copper roofs are not for everyone. 

Galvanized Steel: A Cheaper Choice

If you want a long-lasting roof, but you don't have the money to pay for a copper roof, you can look for galvanized steel. Left to its own device, steel will corrode when exposed to precipitation, but the galvanizing process coats the steel with a layer of zinc which can resist corrosion for up to sixty years. To cover a 1200–square foot roof with galvanized steel, you will pay around $11,000. While you won't get the same durability that you would get from copper, you can still more or less eliminate the need to replace your roof down the road. 

An asphalt roof will only last for 15-20 years, so you will have to replace your roof much more frequently than you would with a more durable roof. Even though metal roofs cost more initially than an asphalt roof will, you can greatly reduce your need to replace your roof, which will save you money down the road. For a smart homeowner, the increased initial cost will be worth the savings. For more information about different roofing options, contact a company like Conrad Roofing Of Illinois.