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Home Buying Is Easier When You Know Your Remodeling Options

While I am not a professional contractor, I have a good friend who is. He often calls and tells me about his days and I have learned a lot about home renovations and remodeling options just listening to his stories. Knowing my home remodeling options greatly aided the shopping experience when I was ready to purchase my first home. I wanted to live in a location close to my family, and there were limited homes on the market in the area. However, due to knowing what changes could be made to an existing home, I was able to find a good house that I knew I could make great with just a few changes after I bought it. I was recently inspired to create a blog to share what I have learned about home renovations with anyone who would like to read it!

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Tips For Keeping Grease Out Of Your Drain This Holiday Season

Every holiday season, you host the best Christmas party in the world. And every year, your drain gets clogged with grease from all the food your guests ate. That frustrating situation can quickly turn problematic if you let grease build up, which will expand and contrast with the cold, which can cause burst pipes. Here's a few ways you can help keep your drain grease free this holiday season.

Baking, Not Frying

When cooking for a large Christmas party, you're likely to feel the temptation to fry, instead of bake, a lot of food. After all, it's a lot quicker to fry chicken than bake. And many people love to splurge on fried food during the Christmas season: it's become something of a fad in restaurants in the U.K.

However, frying food creates way too much grease, grease that will almost inevitably end up going down your drain. So take the time to really dig into baking this year and remember, baking actually helps boost your mental health. And that boost will only increase when your drain is clog-free at the end of your party.

Degreasing Your Christmas Foods

Even if you bake, rather than fry, your food, you're still going to end up with some met grease from its fat. However, you can always degrease your food in other ways. For example, if you absolutely have to fry a piece of meat for a recipe, take a few minutes to wipe it down with a paper towel. This will help eliminate much of its surface grease.

You can also help degrease gravy by utilizing low-fat meats, such as chicken or turkey, for your stock. That helps greatly lower the level of grease generated by the fat in the food. And when it comes to foods like stews or soups, try this trick, refrigerate it overnight before the party to allow the fat to rise. Scoop the fat out with a spoon or dab with a paper towel to finish the process. This will ensure that plates are relatively free of grease when being rinsed, greatly decreasing the risk of clogs.

Create "Food Bins" Throughout The House

When you have a lot of people over for a holiday party, you can't keep track of what every one of them is doing. As a result, they may put food in your sink or wash off the grease without realizing what they're doing. That's why you should put covered "food bins" in every room where you anticipate people will be eating.

A food bin is simply a 10-gallon trash can. Line it with a garbage bag and place a roll of paper towels near it. Hang small signs near the bins asking people to throw their leftovers inside and to wipe off their grease with the paper towels. This won't stop everyone from washing grease down your drain, but it will stop many of them.

With these simple tips, you can help keep your drain from getting clogged up this holiday season. And if that isn't a reason to celebrate, what is? If you have any more questions or need more help with this process, call a local plumber, like the ones at  DBR Plumbing, to learn more.