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Home Buying Is Easier When You Know Your Remodeling Options

While I am not a professional contractor, I have a good friend who is. He often calls and tells me about his days and I have learned a lot about home renovations and remodeling options just listening to his stories. Knowing my home remodeling options greatly aided the shopping experience when I was ready to purchase my first home. I wanted to live in a location close to my family, and there were limited homes on the market in the area. However, due to knowing what changes could be made to an existing home, I was able to find a good house that I knew I could make great with just a few changes after I bought it. I was recently inspired to create a blog to share what I have learned about home renovations with anyone who would like to read it!

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Hardwood Refinishing And Smoother Floors

Hardwood refinishing can help make the floor, and the entire house, look like it was constructed recently. All floors can start to look somewhat dull eventually, even if people are constantly cleaning and generally caring for them. Professionals can refinish and sand older floors, and the process won't produce too much dust for anyone. 

Modern Professionals Can Control the Dust Levels That Are Sometimes Generated Throughout the Refinishing Procedure

Many professionals will already be able to handle some of the dust by using shop vacuums in a more strategic way. Every time a new coat is added, they will vacuum the area and the floor. They won't disrupt the floor in the process, but they will manage to remove a lot of the dust from the air and from the surrounding area.

They also have their own modern systems of dust extraction, and these systems are capable of gathering and disposing of the dust in a way that is both immediate and efficient. Using this sort of technology, the modern professionals who work in this field will also be able to get the hardwood floor ready in a short period of time, even with oil-based polyurethane.

The Refinishing Process Will Be Completed More Quickly When Water-Based Polyurethane Is Used

Refinishing a hardwood floor using a water-based form of polyurethane might only take a couple of days. The procedure might take nearly a week if oil-based polyurethane is involved instead. However, some customers might prefer hardwood floors that were refinished with oil-based polyurethane.

The process of refinishing hardwood floors is already less time-consuming than many other home improvement projects, which usually take much more than a week. Customers with certain types of hardwood floors might get better results with water-based polyurethane, while oil-based polyurethane might be a more suitable choice in other cases. 

Water-Based Polyurethane Is Effective With Maple Hardwood and Oil-Based Polyurethane is a Good Option for Wooden Oak Floors

Generally speaking, if the wooden floor in question is relatively dark, people should pick oil-based polyurethane. Many forms of wooden oak flooring will fall into that category. Lighter wooden floors are often made with maple.

The lighter hardwood floors that were once refinished with oil-based polyurethane will sometimes develop a slight yellow undertone after several years. That sort of effect won't even be visible on darker floors, so this isn't something that people will have to worry about with their oak wooden flooring.